The School


Miracle Primary School (MPS) offers primary and kindergarten school education to privileged and under privileged children in the age bracket of 3-13 years of age. These children come from especially the lowest social-economic class in Uganda. Many of these are orphans, and the majority has very poor guardians who cannot get both lunch and supper with much ease. The school also offers counseling for those children who are troubled, distressed or depressed in one way or another.

The uniqueness of services that MPS is availing to people of Busabala Parish, Wakiso district is manifested in several ways. To mention but a few; No school in this Parish is as compassionate and committed to take care of the orphans and underprivileged children as MPS. Many of the schools available tend to pursue the economic gains of running the school and are not responsible for pupil’s who are not able to raise school fees as the orphans. MPS proprietors are professional teachers as well as pastors with over 10 years’ experience. Apart from the proprietors, there is a team of well trained professional staff handling the pupils at MPS. This provides an opportunity for learners to interact with their teachers and this is one of the characteristics of effective learning or education.


In 1990’s, there was an increasing number of orphans in Uganda as a result of HIV/AIDS and other natural tragedies. Many children were left without guardians, some forced to enter early marriage, provide cheap labor, or become homeless especially when the relatives took possession of their deceased parents’ property. Seeing these orphans some of whom had to fend for themselves yet they had limited or no skills in some cases, pastor Lwanyaga and his colleagues Mrs. Ssekayi Gertrude and Mrs. Juliet Namubiru were moved. The trio felt they could do something to help redefining the future and destiny of these disadvantaged children.

The welfare of these orphans was the motivation for the formation of Miracle Primary School. These three mentioned founders started out with the formation of a small kindergarten school which one day became a fully registered primary school. The school is recognized by the Ministry of Education in Uganda with which it is registered. MPS was incorporated in 2002 and is located at Gangu village Busabala parish, Wakiso district, Uganda-East Africa. The school has been in existence for 15 years.

The vision of the school is; a caring family oriented school devoted to the service and nurture of spiritually minded pupils who will help build ethical, prosperous and sustainable communities.

On the other hand, the school mission covers the following, Provision of a holistic all pupils (privileged and under privileged) and staff with ongoing opportunities to nurture their skills, develop their knowledge, religious beliefs, and confidence to achieve their potential and actively contribute to Miracle primary school as “a school to excellence”

It should also be noted that on core values, the school continues to champion Excellence, Discipline, Diligence, Respect, Love, Accountability with the fear of God as the most important of all these.

On a related note, the main objective of MPS is to provide educational services to children between 3-13 years. This school is also doing its part to support the government of Uganda eradicating illiteracy in the country. The government of Uganda initiated an Early Childhood Care Development Education (ECCDE) program in the early 1990’s, but rapid changes in political events prevented it from making progress and being successful. In 1991, only 4.7 percent of pre-school children had some pre-primary education.

MPS is also part of an effort to support Uganda government in its strategy to raise well trained leaders as well as a literate and competent workforce. The school seeks to place major emphasis on the academic capabilities as well as extra-curricular potential of the pupils so that they may become more resourceful citizens. Pupils of diverse religious beliefs are welcome and there is freedom of worship in the school. The vision of the school management is to position the school as a “center for Excellence”

The management and the staff are committed to achieving the following items which are strongly believed, will help the school achieve the vision;

  • To instill discipline and a sense of personal self-respect, love of one’s country, respect of values, and norms of society and sense of belonging.
  • To enable the community as a whole access quality pre-primary and primary education.
  • To develop a school that will impart creativity and craftsmanship not only on pupils but also in the surrounding community.
  • To provide a whole round person after school with developed cognitive and psychomotor domains who in turn will positively lead to growth and development of his or her society.

Operations and management of MPS (Miracle Primary School)

MPS has a clear management system or plan and this check on the smooth running of the school. The Management structures comprise;

MPS Board of Governors/Directors: this is constituted by nine (9) members with relevant professional skills and competences to advice on the overall administration of MPS and as well interview and hire credible school head teachers where a need arises.

Parent – Teachers’ Association: this is constituted by both parents/Guardians and teachers of MPS. Parent’s involvement and interaction with teachers an best management practices of the school and pupils has greatly put MPS as a model school hence by many.

Other important and relevant committees in MPS

Academic committee: This oversees the academic progress of the school and suggests are of focus so as to keep MPS standard always high.

Disciplinary committee: This oversees the discipline of the MPS pupils and rewards relevant punishments to the culprits.

Appeals committee: This handles issues of concern that may not be addressed well by various establishments in the school from the pupils, staff, parents/Guardians and community.

Sport and Other Co-Curricular Activities’ Committee: This handles games and sports disciplines in the school as well as other co-curricular activities like music, dance and drama that are also given keen interest since they are important in developing a whole balanced pupil.