Youth Ministry

Youth ministry

The youths minister  aims at nurturing all round ministers. This is achieved through the three pillars under which the ministry is established that is praise and worship, word of God and prayer. The youths also have different events that do take place, which are weekly rehearsals on every Monday and Tuesday where they do Bible study, book club, praise and worship, and many others. Monthly, they hold sharing which takes place on the first Sunday of every month. Annually, they have a lot of events that is Sports day that takes place in Janaury, church day that takes place in March and November, Worship Night during September and Gertrude Ssekayi Foundation Camp (GSFC) which are takes place in December holiday.

Youth ministry operates under different departments that are; band department, dance department, drama department, intercession department secretariat department, sports department, media department, mobilization department, fashion and design, disciplinary committee and welfare department.