Projects Proposals for Miracle Faith Ministries

  1. Najjanankumbi Miracle Centre church New Auditorium with offices chambers

In 1996 we built our church and now it is worn out. It wasn’t built on plan, it has no necessary facilities so we are looking forward to breaking it and build a well-planned church building with offices chambers and Sunday school quarter. We also looking forward to purchasing a ministry bus to aid in Evangelism

  1. Public Address(PA) system for Evangelism

Among the activities that Miracle Faith Ministries carries out is Evangelism. The PA system we have is not sufficient for Evangelism, so we need a PA system to carry out Evangelism around the country.

  1. New Premises for the Miracle Primary school

The school premises can no longer hold the population of students we have ,  so we want to transfer the school to our new land, of 2 arcs. We want to build a multi-story  building of at-least 4 levels. The premises will include a health unit as well. We also want to construct a playground on the school premises to keep the children healthy through sports.

  1. Staff Quarters

We have over 20 staff members. We encounter a challenge of paying rent for them so we want to get a place where to construct the school Staff Quarters.

  1. Building more 10 schools in 5 different districts with Health centres

According to the vision of the school, The vision of the school is a caring, family oriented school devoted to the service and nurturing of spiritually minded pupils who will help ethical, prosperous and sustainable communities.” we hope to construct different schools in at least 10 districts in Uganda to nurture spiritually minded pupils all-over the country. We want to construct these schools along with health centres to benefit the communities as well.

  1. Building 10 water sources (bore holes) in 5 districts.

Due to water scarcity in Uganda that has led to many reported cases of increases mortality rate due to water-borne/related diseases, Miracle Faith Ministries ought to construct at least 2 bore holes in every district in Uganda for at least 5 districts

  1. Technical college

Miracle Faith Ministries hopes to open up technical college to help children who can’t afford going to high institutions yet they have skills like carpentry, building, hair waving, and different crafts.

  1. Land for farming

We are looking forward to purchasing 250 arcs of land to carry out both animal rearing and crop planting. We want to rear animals like cattle, goats, pigs and also poultry. The crops to be planted are coffee as a cash crop, banana and maize plantation for food. This food will help to facilitate the pupils and school and also in Evangelism.

9. School Bus and Truck

We are looking forward to purchasing a school bus to help in transporting students to and fro school and also purchase a  school truck to ease movement of food from the farm to the school